Questions about our staff

Is the foreign teacher the only teacher in each class?

No, we do not assign only one teacher to an entire class of students. As a rule, there are always at least two teachers assigned to each class; one foreign and one Japanese. For kindergarten, there is sometimes one Japanese staff member assigned to two classes in years when the number of students is small, while maintaining the student to teacher ratio determined by the Standards for Childcare Facilities. We believe that safety and developing good manners is the basis for childcare, as well as a high level of English proficiency. You will find that the amount of care we provide for our students is more than other Japanese facilities.

What kind of foreign teachers are chosen to be a part of Tree House?

All of the teachers chosen to work at our school are native English speakers, or those who speak English with native-level proficiency. In regards to personal qualities, we carefully choose teachers who are honest, responsible, and work well with other coworkers as a team. However, we do not accept staff solely based on credentials or experience at other international schools, but on whether they are a quality person who can be a good role-model to our students.

What kind of Japanese teachers are chosen to be a part of Tree House?

We require that all Japanese staff have the English speaking ability to be able to communicate well with the foreign staff and the credentials required to be employed at a kindergarten, and be deemed to have the personal qualities needed to be a kindergarten teacher. We want Japanese teachers who are good people, and to whom our students can look up to as role models.