Questions about class observations and our enrollment application

What should do if I want to observe a lesson?

Either call directly to the school which you would like to observe, or fill out the observation reservation form on our home page. You will be able to tour our classrooms, as well as participate in the lesson along with your child for one hour in kindergarten and preschool class, from 10 am and 11 am respectively. You will also receive information about tuition and our school.

How should I apply for enrollment at Tree House International School?

Please call directly to our school first. Once we have confirmed the facilities for the student, we will proceed with enrollment.

Can I enroll in the middle of the month or school year? How will it affect tuition?

You can enroll at any time during the month or school year. While we usually accept new students at the beginning of the month, we also allow enrollment at other times for students who cannot wait. The tuition for that month will be calculated on a per-day basis.