Pre-school Kindergarten Advanced Classes



Pre-school Overview

•Life Guidance

Tree house is an English language institution whose educational goal is not only to provide our students with English-speaking skills, but also to instill a sense of independence and kindness. Assisted by a dedicated staff of experienced teachers, students learn how to use and take responsibility for their own personal belongings, such as their tooth brush and cutlery. Ultimately they gain the ability to take care of their possessions independently. The entire school environment is a place for our students to be encouraged to grow and to learn.

•Daily Routine

Our students spend all day in an English-speaking environment. A day at school starts with "circle time", where students study the alphabet (which forms the basis of English learning) and begin learning English conversation. Tree House students learn English naturally through the stimulation of all five senses. After “circle time”, we sing songs, dance, paint, and read books together as a class. With this routine, students gradually grow to express their thoughts and feelings fluently in English.

•Singing, Dancing, and Crafts

Apart from physical activities like singing and dancing, our morning activities often incorporate drawing and other art activities. We encourage the students to use scissors and glue to develop their fine motor skills. Students also participate in the annual Tree House Christmas Recital, where each class presents their play on stage in front of adoring spectators. Students gain great confidence in themselves through their hard work on their performances, which are a joy to watch.