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Handling of personal information

In order to control or protect personal information, International School Tree House (hereinafter referred to as the "School") has set out a "Privacy Policy" as provided below. All employees working for the School will use their best efforts to properly process, control, or maintain personal information in accordance herewith so that you can use services rendered by us in a secure manner.

All personal information will be acquired, used, and provided in a proper manner according to business performed by the School. In general, any access to personal information will be allowed on a need know basis for accomplishing the specified purpose of use, and the School will take all actions necessary to ensure that such information is not used without your approval.

The School will strictly keep personal information confidential without disclosing the same to a third party, and take all proper steps to prevent or discourage any fraud or wrongful action.

We will establish a point of contact to properly accommodate your claim or consultation for our handling of personal information or privacy commitment to you.

We will comply with the applicable laws, regulations and policies as prescribed by the Government, or other standards.

We will also review our privacy commitment on a regular basis for improvements.

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